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Are any of your fuses new?
Yes. They are identified as NEW or NEW OLD STOCK (that is NOS) in the description page. Otherwise they are identified as USED. NEW and NOS fuses do not necessarily mean that they come directly from the factory or authorized dealer. NEW fuses have not been installed and used and have not been around for such a time that we would list them as NOS.

What is "NOS"?
NOS means New Old Stock. These have not been used but may have been around for period of time. This, of course, is an arbitary judgment. For example, a fuse may be described as NOS for it has been sitting on the shelf for say about fifteen years or more. We try to be conservative in giving a description that suits the fuse's history. We gather as much information from sellers and visually inspect for appropriate listing. NOS fuses provide the calibrated performance for what the fuse was manufactured, the same as a NEW fuse of equivalent ratings and part number.

How do you know if a USED fuse is good?
Every USED fuse goes through our quality control testing using a continuity meter with noise indication and sometimes an ohmmeter. Even some of our NEW stock and NOS fuses with open boxes have been tested. You can be assured that all of our fuses will sustain an electrical energized load as the manufacturers' indicate. We want you to be 100 percent satisfied with your purchase. We are so confident of your satisfaction that we offer a returns policy for our fuses. SEE: Limited Warranty and Shipping and Returns before purchasing.

Are you an Authorized Dealer or Distributor of the fuses?
No. However, Alan's Sales is competitively a discount business giving you competitively very low prices on excellent products and we offer great service.

Where are your fuses acquired?
They are acquired from liquidation sales, inventory reductions, business shut-downs, business downsizing, contractor surplus sales, and estate sales. These are just some of the places the fuses are acquired from.

Do all the fuses come in manufacturers packaging?
Some do, but not all. For example, if a fuse is listed as USED it will most likely not have manufacturers packaging. Even some NEW and NOS will not have this packaging.

Why do some NEW and NOS fuses not have manufacturers packaging?
Some of the smaller fuses come in packaging of 5 to 10 each, but because we sell the fuses individually (unless otherwise indicated), they may not come with a box. Some fuses have been in hardware stores, businesses, or industrial shops, stored without the packaging. This may account for some blemishes and label scratches we call "storage wear" or "shop worn." These exterior markings in no way affect the functionality and performance of the fuse. Some of the boxes protected the fuses just fine, but are in such bad shape they are discarded.

Are the photos of the fuse on the description page exactly what we will receive?
Not necessarily. Sometimes the photo of a fuse has a different ampere rating than what the description page calls for. Even the appearance may be slightly different, such as label print and coloring. You will pay for and receive what is "written" on the description page.


Why does the quantity, when after I change it, and I go to CHECKOUT, the quantity goes back to one (1)?
When you change the quantity, you also need to press the UPDATE button to the right of the quantity entered, then proceed to checkout.

When I put products in my basket and return at a later time, they are no longer there; why is this?
It could be that your session timed out. If you landed on the confirmation page in placing an order, but have not paid after a day or two, the incomplete order is canceled.


What are not carrier shipping days?
Saturday, Sunday or observed holidays are not considered working or business days for shipping carriers such as USPS and UPS. When selecting shipping service this must be taken into account in estimating the destination arrival of package. For example: If you select UPS Next Day Air and the item is shipped on Tuesday, it will be scheduled to arrive on Wednesday, a business day (no holiday). But if the package is shipped on Friday it will be scheduled to arrive on Monday (no holiday), unless purchaser pays for Saturday delivery (extra cost). For many places, the United States Postal Service delivers mail on Saturday, but keep in mind this is not considered a business day for this carrier.

Does Alan's Sales guarantee same day shipping?
No. However, processing for most orders are within 24 hours excluding weekends and holidays. Though most orders ordered early in the day are shipped the same day, we DO NOT guarantee same day order/shipping.

If you oftentimes purchase fuses simply to replenish stock, remember to bookmark us on your browser and check back often for newly acquired stock..
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