Tell Me About Surplus Fuses

Here is information you need to know about overstock, oversupply, or surplus fuses that are new, nos, and used. This information could save you a significant amount on your fuse purchases.

How fuses are described by the distributor is important for the purchaser in making informed decisions. It is especially important for the surplus fuse supplier that their descriptions remain consistent. The following is the standard for Alan’s Sales.

The word surplus sometimes carries the idea of products being cheap, unreliable, or inexpensively manufactured. But this is just not true if the surplus fuses are named brand. If you purchase a named brand fuse you are getting the same product whether it is surplus or otherwise. With surplus new or new old stock (NOS) fuses, they are simply new and not used. That is, they have not been energized to carry an electrical load.

With a used fuse or those that are shop worn, these blemishes or conditions have no effect on the reliability and performance of the fuse. The interesting fact about fuses is their reliability relative to time.

There are no moving parts, so with a NEW or NOS fuse there is no wear or tear to the product, except for handling, such as in storing and for a USED fuse, handling, installing and removing the fuse – that’s it!

According to Ferraz-Shawmut (Mersen) a leading fuse manufacturer, “The speed of response of a fuse will not change or slow down as the fuse ages. “In other words, the fuse’s ability to provide protection is not adversely affected by the passage of time.” (The Advisor-Application Information, 10 Reasons For Using Current Limiting Fuses)

On occasion, some NEW or NOS fuses may look used, shop worn, or even dirty. The appearance of the fuse does not affect its performance. From a practical sense, it does not really make a difference what the fuse looks like when you install it and put it to work? However, with Alans Sales not all surplus fuses are bad looking. In fact, Alan’s Sales has some pretty good looking USED fuses at some better looking prices. However, the appearance is not guaranteed. Remember, it is the technical and performance aspects of the fuse which serve the purpose in overcurrent circuit protection.

Whether you are purchasing NEW, NOS, or USED fuses, only purchase fuses from dealers who will stand behind their product with a fair refund/exchange policy. Also check out Alan’s Sales high standards for fuse quality control.