Holding Screw On A Screwdriver

TIP: How to hold a screw on the screwdriver.

An easy way of holding a screw on a screwdriver is to simply use a “holding screw screwdriver.” If you do not have one of these tools, there is another way.

Take a piece of black electrical tape. While holding the screwdriver and the screw with the screwdriver in the slot of the screw head, wrap the tape around the head of the screw and screwdriver together. Make sure to have more tape on the screwdriver than on the screw. Black electrical tape can be stretched to fit the unevenness of both parts. After installing the screw part way, simply pull the screwdriver away from the screw, the tape should come with the screwdriver. Use another screwdriver to drive home the screw. This way you can reuse the tape on the screwdriver for another screw. This tip works best with Phillip”s screwheads.